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The toilet an integral part of your bathroom plumbing system. Two separate systems, supply, and waste, work together to ensure your toilet functions properly. The supply system brings fresh water into the toilet tank each time you flush. This water, stored in the tank, is used to wash waste down the drain during flushing. The float mechanism in the tank controls the water level, stopping the inflow once it reaches a certain level.

The waste system is a bit more complex. When you flush the toilet, the water from the tank rushes into the toilet bowl, pushing waste into the sewer line through a larger (typically 3-4 inches in diameter) drain pipe. This waste system also requires proper venting to maintain atmospheric pressure and prevent sewer gasses from entering your home. Aspen Plumbing Services is your local Jackson Michigan toilet plumbing experts, call today for an appointment.

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When it comes to toilet plumbing, our team of highly skilled and trained plumbers  have years of experience and can provide you with all of the information that you need regarding your homes toilets. Below you will find helpful information about maintaining your homes toilets and some tell tale signs that your toilet may need repair or replacement, but feel free to call our team any time with any questions or concerns that you may have!

A Guide To Common Issues

Toilets work by pressing the handle which causes a chain to lift the flapper to allow the valve to open and water to drain out. As the water flows out, clean water held in the storage tank then flows into the bowl. As the water fills, the valve inside the tank slowly falls back down with the help of gravity, and your toilet is ready to use again. Here are some common issues you may experience with your toilet.

  • The toilet runs constantly meaning water is constantly flowing into the tank through the fill valve, it wastes water and costs money. The problem is usually in the fill tank.
  • The toilet leaks either around the base or between the tank and bowl. This is usually due to a broken seal or gasket.
  • The toilet won’t flush correctly or backs up when you try to flush it. This is usually caused by a clog in the drain line or could be a symptom of a larger issue.
  • The toilet fills slowly which could be an issue with your water supply valve.

Regardless of your toilet problem, Aspen Plumbing Services are here to help, call today to schedule your appointment.

Your Guide To Toilet Repairs or Replacement

A toilet may need to be replaced if it has frequent repairs, is inefficient, or has other issues such as:
  • Cracked tank: Visible cracks in the bowl or tank can lead to leaks that damage the bathroom floor.
  • Constant flushing: If the flush doesn’t stop, the flapper valve may not be sealing.
  • Constant clogging: Older toilets are less efficient at flushing, so they may clog more often.
  • Mineral buildup: Hard water can cause mineral deposits to build up on the flapper, making it less effective at sealing the flush valve.
  • Wobbly toilet: A loose bolt may fix it, but it could also indicate a leak or water damage. 

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We work on all types of toilets including low-water use and vintage ones. Our plumbers are also well-acquainted with all the popular toilet brands including Kohler, Glacier Bay, Delta, American Standard, & more.

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At Aspen Plumbing Services, we are dedicated to being the trusted plumbing, soft water and drain cleaning and jetting experts, and have been for over 40 years. We serve all of Jackson County and many surrounding areas and our team works hard to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. From using top-of-the-line equipment to making sure our team is well-trained, we strive to provide 5-star service each and every time. Call us today to schedule your service to find out why we have earned a reputation of integrity and quality work.

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Chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous and we do not recommend their use in household drains for several reasons. The heat generated by the caustic and acidic cleaners can damage your pipes, especially older pipes, and they can become weakened and crack over time. Regular use can lead to expensive repairs down the line because damaged pipes are more susceptible to leaking or even bursting. Our expert plumbers in Jackson have the proper equipment and knowledge to assess your clog and get your pipes running smoothly quickly! Call us today at (517) 750-9913!

Some plumbing leaks can be hard to detect, especially if they are behind your walls or in the ceiling. While small leaks may not necessarily indicate a large issue, over time they can cause a lot of damage, far beyond just your plumbing by causing mold and damage to your drywall and subflooring. Below are just a few indications that you might have a plumbing leak:

  • Your water bills are increasing but your water usage is staying the same
  • You are seeing discoloration or staining on the walls or on your ceiling
  • Reduced water pressure unexpectedly
  • Strange sounds in your walls near where pipes run

If you’re experiencing any of these call the experts at Aspen Pluming Services today for a full plumbing inspection!

In Jackson Michigan and the surrounding areas our winters get cold and frozen pipes can wreak havoc on your plumbing and home. In colder temperatures (20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower) we recommend allowing your faucets to drip slightly, especially if they are within an exterior wall or if you expect to be away from home for a period of time. Running water through the pipe, even at a trickle, helps prevent them from freezing. You can also insulate the interior of the wall behind and around the pipes to help prevent the pipes from freezing. If you’re a homeowner in Jackson and your pipes freeze, call us 24/7 for emergency service.

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink, it’s important to be mindful of what you put down the drain. Substances such as grease, flour, oils, caustic chemicals and other sticky substances should not go down your drain. Over time, they may cause a clog which will slow down your drains and could cause serious plumbing complications. Be sure to dispose of these liquids properly to ensure your drains and pipes are running smooth for years to come.

Over time, roots can enter your in-ground pipes either through a cracked pipe or broken pipe connection. The roots follow water the water and oxygen and they can cause extensive pipe damage and clogs. Our expert plumbers and drain cleaning and jetting experts at Aspen Plumbing Services have the knowledge and equipment to remove the roots and repair or replace the pipe. If you expect your pipes may have roots, call us today at (517) 750-9913.

Have you flushed the toilet just to come back later and find it still running? This is a common occurrence especially in homes with older toilets because over time the flapper loses its water-tight seal around the flush-valve opening allowing water to continue to flow into the toilet bowl from the tank. This can be very costly and cause your water meter or well-pump to run excessively. If your toilet looks to be in need of repair or replacement, call Aspen Plumbing Services today.

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