13 Tips for Hiring Local Water Heater Repair Services

Did you know that water heating is responsible for around 20% of your energy use at home?

Getting an energy-efficient water heater, lessening your use of hot water, and learning conservation strategies can help you lower your water heating bills. 

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of regular maintenance. Doing so will ensure your unit performs well so you don’t get cold water when you want hot water for a shower or bath. Keep reading to see 13 tips to help you find a provider of local water heater repair services.

1. Look Online for Reviews

One of the best things you can do is check out online reviews to see what people in the community say about water heater repair technicians.

You might have heard the saying that the best way to determine how a service provider will treat you is to see how they’ve treated previous customers. It’s true. So, go online, find third-party review websites, and look for reviews.

Another option is visiting a local service provider’s website to see customer testimonials

If you experience a problem with your water heater, you want to know that the company you call will quickly find the problem and competently fix it. Combing over online reviews can help you find a reputable service provider.

2. Ask Family and Friends

Another way to find a cure for your water heater woes is to ask someone you know and care about for recommendations. While reading outline reviews is a good idea, you can place more weight on referrals from loved ones.

Do you have family, friends, or good acquaintances in the area? Who do they call when their water heaters need servicing or repairs? Ask if they’re happy with the service providers they’ve called before.

You’ll want to know how reliable the companies are, how much they charge, the quality of their work, and other things that’ll help you decide.

3. Learn About Service Options

You must find a water heater repair company that offers a range of services you might need.

If a technician comes and finds that your water heater is on its last legs, you’ll want to know that the service provider has new units you can buy and have installed.

Hiring a company that offers a wide range of plumbing services is a good idea since, as a homeowner, you’ll need to know who to call if you need help.

4. Find Company That Can Service Your Make and Model

When looking for help, you’ll want to ensure the company you hire has experience servicing the make and model of your water heater.

Some service providers ensure their technicians have experience and expertise in servicing virtually all of the popular makes and models of water heaters. However, others specialize in a narrow range of units.

It’s best to find a company that knows your make and model inside and out — even if it costs a bit more to get this specialization.

5. Ask About the Cost

You’ll want to know what rates local water heater service providers charge. Depending on the company you ask, you might pay by the hour or by the project. 

A reputable service provider will provide a quote that details what the job will entail. That way, you can avoid nasty surprises when the time comes for you to get the bill.

When comparing quotes, your best bet is to avoid deciding solely based on cost. Consider, as well, things like experience, expertise, and the level of service.

6. Check for Qualifications

If you let someone work on your water heater, ensure they have the right qualifications.

Plumbing companies should be licensed and insured. The people they employ should have certifications demonstrating their ability to work on your unit.

Someone with the right training will be better equipped to help with water heater problems.

7. Avoid Door-to-Door Representatives

Has someone ever knocked on your front door to inform you that they were there to assess your water heater? Reputable service providers will only send people to your home after you book an appointment.

The problem with allowing these sales representatives into your home is that they’ll probably tell you that your water heater must be replaced.

It’s essentially a scam that aims to get you to buy a new unit. You can avoid this scenario by ignoring door-to-door salespersons altogether.

You should be the one to schedule an appointment. So, don’t deal with a door-to-door salesperson who you don’t know from a hole in the wall. Working with a reputable provider of water heater solutions will keep you out of trouble.

8. Check Out Service Provider Reputations

You’ll also want to verify the reputations of service providers you’re considering. Check out the Better Business Bureau website to see if any serious complaints are leveled against a company you’re researching.

Another option is to search online for any information about local service providers. Don’t allow yourself to be blindsided by hiring a company and finding out, after it’s too late, that you probably should have looked elsewhere.

9. Ensure the Service Provider Is Close to Home

Why is it essential to find a water heater service provider that is local to you?

For one thing, getting recommendations from people you know in the community will be easier when a service provider is local to your area. Another benefit is that a service provider nearby will be easier to get a hold of.

If you need emergency service, do you want a service provider that won’t be able to get to you in a reasonable time? No. You’ll want one close enough to dispatch a technician to your home quickly.

There are definite advantages to working with a local water heater service provider that you, as a homeowner, should consider.

10. Ask About Availability

You’ll also want to ask about availability. Does the company you’re considering offer flexible scheduling options? Are they open on weekends and holidays? Do they offer emergency services? If so, how quickly would a technician arrive?

Find a service provider that is flexible enough to accommodate you within a reasonable time frame should you need help with your water heater.

11. Check Out Warranty and Maintenance Plans

When exploring water heater options, you should also ask the service provider you’re talking to about its warranties and maintenance plans.

Buying a water heater isn’t just about the purchase price. If you want it to provide reliable service for years to come, you need to ensure routine maintenance is performed.

You also need a solid warranty so you don’t have to worry if your water heater needs repairs.

Ask questions about the warranty’s duration, whether it covers parts and labor or only components, and the terms and conditions. You’ll want to avoid a situation where you have no idea what your warranty covers.

While you’re at it, ask about maintenance plans. Such a plan is an investment that will reduce the odds of your water heater having severe issues.

12. Ask About Insurance and Worker’s Comp

While no one wants to imagine an accident on their property, mishaps aren’t uncommon.

That’s one reason you must ensure that any water heater company technician on your property has liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage.

Otherwise, you could be held liable if they’re injured on your property. A reputable business will have liability insurance and worker’s comp coverage for their employees. Even so, you need to ask to ensure this is the case.

13. Focus On Customer Service

You’ll want to find a company that has a customer-centric focus. Even the most stressful of situations can be ironed out if the customer care representative on the other end of the phone is empathetic and caring.

When looking for a service provider, pay careful attention to how you’re treated. Do you get a quick call back if you must leave a message? Do you get clear answers to your questions, or do you get the run-around?

Go with your gut. If you feel like a bother to the customer care person you’re talking to on the phone, don’t assume things will improve if you become a customer.

Do You Need Water Heater Repair Services?

If you buy a quality water heater and get it professionally installed and maintained, it can last a long time. Even so, it will eventually require repairs.

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